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The drive for the creation of wealth among the western countries in the past decades drove the urge to have smaller families. This phenomenon provided us with lifestyles never experienced by our parents, lengthened our life expectancies allowing us to enjoy our newly-found wealth even longer. Unbeknown by most is the downside of an aging population that needs to be taken cared of in the waning years of their lives. And this is now staring at us directly in the face.
Today, the world is faced with a difficult choice of whether to relegate our aging citizens to nursing homes and incur expensive caregiving bills or have it done at home and tie down practically 60% of our able-bodied and productive adults to do caregiving job – a choice with wide-ranging social repercussions. Against this backdrop and living by the time-tested tenet of “necessity as the mother of all inventions,” the UCTC (UHA Caregiving Training Corporation) was born.

The UCTC ( Uha Caregiving Training Corporation)
To satisfy the need in providing the aging population of the world with the necessary medical and health care attention, as a gesture for their valuable contribution to ourbetterment, the UCTC started operation in September 8, 2001 (see Registration) with its first training center in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte (see Offices and Training Centers).

Managed by men and women of varied disciplines (see Organization), i.e. legal profession, human resource, industrial engineering, caregiving, and driven by its desire to become an internationally- recognized training center for Caregiving, UCTC, since it opened its doors to people wishing to dedicate their lives for others (see Caregiving as a Job), has produced 450 graduates who are now gainfully dispersed across North America and Europe.
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At UCTC, an atmosphere of “being with the family” among the staff, teachers, students and officers is a cherished part of its culture. Not only does this optimize the students’ learning, it also socially prepares them to handle real-life situations in their future wards’ homes.

This closeness and synergy has also made it possible for the achievement of the UCTC’s mission, vision and values:

To help make this a better world by:
Caring for people who need affection and attention;

Assisting achieve safety and harmony to Families;
Reacting positively to an ever-changing environment;
Enhancing the lives of those we are committed to serve.

UCTC is committed to Serve Humanity!

To provide the needs of the elderly of the world with Filipino caregivers who are:
Proactive and productive;
Inspiring and committed;
Empathic and helpful.

World Class!

Pursuing the above is made easy at UCTC since our business has always been anchored on Uncompromising Integrity in our dealings and Commitments, yet tempered with Humane Tenderness as we pursue the highest levels of training excellence through Continuous improvement.

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